Are you ready for the flight?

The people who founded Asmodee, Fantasy Flight Games and Edge Entertainment are role-players. Maybe you are old enough to remember the historical catalogues of these companies with hundreds of role-playing game books that went through the hands of these teams.

Asmodee group has developed its activity over the last few years growing fast but also by acquiring several studios,

some of which used to make role-playing games. Since then, it seemed logical to entrust this activity within the group to a single studio, a group of experienced people all over the globe that will be completely and exclusively devoted to role-playing games publishing.

Today, the new EDGE STUDIO is proud to embody the Asmodee group's role-playing game studio for the world.


Discover your next universe, here and now.
Others will be announced soon!

Experience the power of the Force, ply your trade as a smuggler in the Outer Rim or take on the Galactic Empire in the Star Wars Galaxy. Whether you choose the light side or the dark, the Rebellion or the Empire, or something in between a powerful destiny awaits you.

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Explore Rokugan, a fantastical and romanticized version of feudal Japan and other East Asian myths, populated by fantastic creatures and magic. Defend your honor and your Clan. Respect the humble and defend the Wall.


Our generic game system that will allow you to explore a wide variety of contexts and universes using familiar mechanics via the Narrative Dice System. Now dive into the crucible to uncover the mysteries surrounding Keyforge and thwart the conflicts between the peoples of the Realms of Terrinoth.


The role-playing game inspired by the namesake board game offers you unique and asymmetrical mechanics between the survivors and the game master. The missions are numerous, but so are the chances of ending up devoured by zombies.


Each of these books offers you unique end of the world contexts, and sets the scene for the resulting post-apocalyptic worlds, where your character is none other than yourself. Are you sure to have what it takes to survive?