Zombie Apocalypse


Zombie Apocalypse, challenges you to face hordes of undead that rise and stalk the earth, hungry for the flesh of the living.

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Format Hardcover
Finishing Color
Pages 144
Made in Lithuania

What are your chances of survival after everything you know has collapsed around you?

It is the end of the world as we know it. The undead walk the earth and nothing and no one can stop them. Some say a meteor from outer space has covered the earth in dangerous radiation, others fear that the time of reckoning has come and there is no room left in Hell, while others still fear a global pandemic. The only certainty is that no one knows exactly what caused the dead to rise, but now they are here and they have won.

Yet there you are, in the middle of it all. How will you survive? Do you have a plan? Will you fight, will you hide, or will you die?

This is not a game about action heroes or movie stars. This is a game about you, who you are, what you know, and what you can do.

This book includes:

  • An elegant narrative rules system to aid you in telling your survival story.
  • Character creation rules that allow you and your friends to put yourselves in the game world.
  • Five unique scenarios of the Zombie Apocalypse that each include locations, NPCs, and specific zombie rules for each type of zombie horror.

How would you survive the end of the world? Discover the answer!